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Request dispatching for cheap energy prices in cloud data centers

H Yamada, T Sakamoto, H Horie, K Kono - Cloud Networking (CloudNet), 2013 IEEE …, 2013
... I. INTRODUCTION Cloud services, including Amazon AWS [11], Google App Engine [6], and
Windows Azure [13], make use of data center resources so that hosted applications can utilize
them as needed. ... Google App Engine uses Megastore [1] as its back end storage. ...

An Access Control Model for Cloud Computing Environments

MV Thomas, KC Sekaran - … Computing, Networking and Security (ADCONS), 2013 …, 2013
... In PaaS, the development platform is provided by the cloud service providers and the users can
use that platform to design and develop cloud applications. Eg Google App Engine [18]. ... [18]
Google App Engine [Online]. Available: [19] Amazon. ...

[PDF] Cloud database query

J Li - 2013
... database systems are: Oracle Database 11g Expression Edition, Oracle Public Cloud,
Amazon SimpleDB, and Google App Engine Datastore. ... Queries……………
29 3.2.4 Google App Engine (GAE) Datastore……………41 ...


K Gerstner - US Patent 20,140,019,755, 2014
... of a the to a particular cloud storage solution, pieces of a file to a particular file, a particular file
to a particular user, and a particular user to particular permissions, The server 414 may also be
connected to cloud storage solutions 416, such as a GOOGLE App Engine 416a and ...

Enhancing Cloud based E-Learning using Knowledge Sharing System.

R ARUNA, S PRAKASAM - International Journal of Computer Applications, 2013
... The article analyses the most important cloud – based services provided by public cloud
computing environments such as Google App Engine, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
or Windows Azure, and highlights the advantages of deploying E-Learning 2.0 applications for ...

Zeppelin-A third generation data center network virtualization technology based on SDN and MPLS

J Kempf, Y Zhang, R Mishra, N Beheshti - Cloud Networking (CloudNet), 2013 IEEE …, 2013
... Today, a number of companies have provided public cloud computing services, such as Amazon's
Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) [1], Google's Google App Engine [2], Microsofts Azure Service
Platform [3], Rackspaces Mosso [4], and GoGrid [5]. To maximize economic benefits ...

Linked data support for filing public contracts

M Nečaský, J Klímek, J Mynarz, T Knap, V Svátek… - Computers in Industry, 2014
... year. However, some of the web services were not functional at the time of compiling
this state of the art report, so it was not possible to evaluate them. There is an instance
deployed as a Google App Engine application. 9 The ...

[PDF] CoMoT–A Platform-as-a-Service for Elasticity in the Cloud

HL Truong, S Dustdar, G Copil, A Gambi, W Hummer…
... Several industrial and academic PaaS have been proposed, developed and provided, such as
Appistry CloudIQ [6], Ap- prenda SaaSGrid [7], Boomi AtomSphere [8], Gigaspaces [9], Google
App Engine [10], Microsoft Azure [11], Parabon Fron- tier [12]. On the one hand, we see ...

[PDF] A Systematic Way to Analyse the Performance of DBDCTO Algorithm With Respect To DTC, Greedy Cost, Max-Min and Min-Min Workflow Scheduling Algorithms …

G Kaur, Y Kumar
... software layers. Examples of PaaS include: AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Cloud Foundry,
Heroku,, EngineYard, Mendix, OpenShift, Google App Engine, AppScale,
Windows Azure Cloud Services, OrangeScape and Jelastic. C ...

[PDF] A Study on Cloud Computing Security Challenges

S Bulusu, K Sudia
... oper- ating systems etc [106][130]. Examples for PaaS cloud's are Google App Engine,
Microsoft Azure, Heroku [77]. • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): The consumer is
provided with power to control process, manage storage ...


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