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Research Readings in "Google App Engine"

[PDF] Dynamic scaling of a web-based application in a Cloud Architecture

GQ Maguire Jr - 2014
Page 1. Degree project in Communication Systems Second level, 30.0 HEC Stockholm, Sweden
MD. IQBAL HOSSAIN and MD. IQBAL HOSSAIN Dynamic scaling of a web-based application
in a Cloud Architecture KTH Information and Communication Technology Page 2. ...

Implementation of a Private Cloud: A Case Study

P Deshpande, SC Sharma, SK Peddoju - Third International Conference on Soft Computing …
... Computing platform like OS and programming language platform is provided to users via platform
as a service (PaaS).'Cloud Fondry','Google App Engine'and 'Jelastic'are some of the PaaS
providers. Different application development is made possible by virtue of web servers. ...

[PDF] Command & Control

J Gardiner, M Cova, S Nagaraja - 2014
Page 1. In collaboration with Lastline, Inc. Command & Control Understanding, Denying
and Detecting Joseph Gardiner Marco Cova Shishir Nagaraja February 2014 Page
2. Abstract One of the leading problems in cyber security ...

[PDF] A Look at the Cloud Computing

BRCNR Rao, P Bhushan, IDAA You - RN
Page 1. RN 70269/98 ISSN : 0972-169X Postal Registration No.: DL-SW-1/4082/12-14 Date
of posting: 26-27 of advance month Date of publication: 24 of advance month 47 46 42 39 38
34 31 30 27 47 46 42 39 38 34 31 30 27 Editorial: On Development Communication.... ...

Anonymous Remote User Authentication and Key Agreement for Cloud Computing

R Mishra - Third International Conference on Soft Computing for …
... Commun. ACM. 53 (4), 50–58 (2010) 2. Amazon Web Service, http://aws. amazon. com
3.''Google App Engine''. http://appengine. google. com 4. Microsoft Azure, http://www. microsoft.
com/azure/ 5. http://www. softwarehouse. com. cn/news/show/101593. ...

[PDF] Access control delegation for the Cloud

N Fotiou, A Machas, GC Polyzos, G Xylomenos
... the storage service. The middleware can be built using the infrastructure of the cloud
provider (eg, Amazon EC2, Google App Engine, Microsoft Azureus), or as a
standalone service provided by a third party. The middleware ...


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